Nicky Martin (RNutr)
Head of Nutrition

Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition. Specialism: over ten years' experience in the food industry working with the adult population to drive behaviour change and improve public health.

“I am a believer in living a balanced lifestyle; I enjoy great food but am an avid gym goer!”

Luxey Dayanandan (RNutr)
Senior Nutritionist

Graduated from Kings College London with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition. Specialism: five years' experience in the food industry with a focus on developing healthy recipes, food labelling, general nutrition education and nutritional supplements.

“I enjoy helping people make healthier choices whilst still enjoying great food!”

Nick Vadis
Culinary Director

Graduated from Portsmouth University, and was also awarded a Honouree Professorship for the University of West London. He is also a National Team Coach for the English National Culinary Team

“I believe training and development of our chefs is key to our success.”

Maxine Cartz (RD)
Lead Dietitian

Graduated from Queen's College with a BSc in Dietetics. Specialism: 32 years' experience, of which 22 years within the food industry, with a focus on all nutritional aspects of patient catering including patient menus and special therapeutic diets.

“Success is food being eaten and enjoyed; food is a vital part of patients’ treatment and wellbeing.”

Leanne King (RNutr)
Senior Nutritionist

Graduated from University of Ulster with a BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition, followed by a PGCE in Food Technology. Specialism: Over ten years’ experience in the food industry, with a focus on sports nutrition, weight management and digestive health.

“I believe that effective communication of nutrition messages helps consumers make healthier choices”

Meg Longworth (RNutr)
Head of Nutrition for Education

Graduated from Sheffield Hallam with an BSc in Food & Nutrition followed by an MSc in Public Health Nutrition. Specialism: five years’ experience working in the school food industry, with a focus on infant to adult nutrition education.

“I love to visit food markets and restaurants to bring new food development ideas to the table!”

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